Sunday, March 1, 2009


In attempting to make the best possible decision without having any promise on the outcome, I have taken to overloading my mind with all things Homeschool. I am excited to report that on top of a mountain of books that painstakingly outline success and failure are a few really encouraging ideas. There are whole groups for this sort of thing! One in my area boasts somewhere in the vicinity of 85 homeschooling families that count themselves in their number! They have their own library full of curriculum among other things and a bi-weekly acadamy on Fridays!

Let's back up a moment, shall we?

My daughter has been described by her 2nd grade teacher as an 'out of the box' thinker. I beg to agree - she comes from a couple of families with a few 'special' people in them.

Anyway, before she leaps off into the great unknown possibly hating education as her parents did before her (we've since been rehabilitated but the effort was no small feat), we will make an attempt to show her and teach her a love of learning by challenging her in her weaknesses and strengths.

Among the reasons for this adventure:

Teaching and Learning; I'd really like to see some learning followed by teaching rather than the opposite.

Has anyone seen the last vestige of morality? I could have sworn I saw some 10 years ago....

I really don't like the way she hates her face after a rough day of not fitting in intellectually at school....

I suppose you know that there are many, many, many more such reasons that my husband and I have discussed ad nauseam. Do not think we make this decision lightly, it is one of the best feelings to have each others support while we travel this road and our many reasons for it will be revealed as we go along together.

In the meantime: please take comfort in the idea that I look forward to relearning World History, American History, Pre-Algebraic concepts and Spanish!

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