Friday, July 17, 2009

I love change!

So I changed the web address and name of this blog because it's mine and I can!

As you see it is now

See you round!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

'Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This'

'there'd be days like this my mama said (mama said mama said)'

Maybe I go a little too far, but after having a difficult day, I often look through pictures from days I know I was a good mom to happy children....

My lovely little lady with lyric lines

Um...who ever knows where she is going?

We are in trouble with this one!

She moves so beautifully...

Depth....pure depth....

I wonder what she's pretending about?

This is them! To a Freaking T!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Mobile Blogging

I never knew how much I wanted a blackberry until I got very behind on my blog for the second time. So much has happened since we were last together.....

1) June turned into July

2) I turned 30

3) I turned 30

is there an echo in here?

That may not seem like a lot - but let me tell you, it is! Let me see if I can rustle up some pictures somewhere.....

Nope! Not one single picture was taken the day of my birthday! Well, that's a slight exaggeration but friend Denise is putting together a book with the pictures she took at the SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY John managed to put together without my knowledge!!!!!

And that was even after a fantastic (good words still fail me and you know how impossible that sounds, right?) dinner at Heidi's Mpls. French cuisine - I'll give you the list of what we had - check out their menu!

Appetizer ~ Watermelon Soup

Appetizer ~ Chefzilla Surprise (tempura battered soft-shell crab on black lentils)

John's Entree ~ Steamed Scottish Salmon

Aubrey ~ Pasta with Celery pesto and Fresh pulled mozzarella

(Some day I may figure out how to get my camera phone pictures from my email to my blog - SOME DAY)

I could keep going on and on but let's just say that the whole day was completely nothing less than extraordinary!

I have some very special friends...

Okay - Let's catch up with some other pictures

a girl

a harvest

a wedding

a race

a park

The End