Thursday, July 16, 2009

'Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This'

'there'd be days like this my mama said (mama said mama said)'

Maybe I go a little too far, but after having a difficult day, I often look through pictures from days I know I was a good mom to happy children....

My lovely little lady with lyric lines

Um...who ever knows where she is going?

We are in trouble with this one!

She moves so beautifully...

Depth....pure depth....

I wonder what she's pretending about?

This is them! To a Freaking T!



  1. great pics of all the girls! you couldn't have captured them better!!!

  2. Gorgeous gals aside, you could have a career as a photo journalist, you talented thing you. You can write and have an eye. Well, two of them ofcourse. Love Grandma C