Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Is a vacation really a vacation if you're the one packing for 4 of 5 people? (completely rhetorical question)

I think if the view is anything like this when you get there, it is!
Every year we take a trip to Door County WI with John's parents who own a condo in one of the bay towns.

We arrive on a June friday and hit up the local ice cream joint right away. By evening John and the kids have already gone swimming (in a pool - that lake water is the definition of COLD) and I've taken a long hot shower to release all of the pent up nerves of getting us there.
(Pardon me - John gets us there, I get our stuff there)

Per Usual, John is the first one up in the morning and gets to witness this gorgeousness....

He takes a picture while I sleep....zzzzz

During the day we find places to have adventures! This is #1 about two years ago - she's looking for the queen bee!

My determined little girls are willing put their feet into the waters of Lake Michigan - Green Bay side. Still...Tres Cute!

We definitely need to have some swinging:

And the adults always enjoy fresh coffee, fresh air and fresh fudge from the local candy store! (Oh and if there's a fresh baby along, we enjoy her too)

When the weather isn't so good....

We find a place to do stuff like this:

And the days usually end Just...Like....This:

Have a great weekend!

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