Friday, June 5, 2009

"The Best Laid Plans....

....of mice and men, often go awry..."

Isn't it just so?

The day was meant for playing. We planned, we waited...we anticipated and then: It just didn't work. I looked around my clean house today a little deflated but very happy that I had accomplished so much. I swept the basement! (unfinished basement that is)

Seems like that happens in life. We plan, we execute, we wait and wonder yet the result is completely out of our hands. God knows our dreams and hears our desires and while we use a lot of energy relying on our own strength He is holding in His hands the best outcome.

Speaking of plans...I have more plans....Plans to homeschool...(But By The Grace Of God)

(that sound you just heard was me - gnashing my teeth in fear and uncertainty)
Not really - I refuse to operate from a spirit of fear or uncertainty. That is just where my enemy wants me and I will not give him the foothold. Without further ado, the start of my plans:

Today was #1's last day of second grade! We've moved ahead with the science portion of our Sonlight Core 3 curriculum: Introduction to Biology. We're kind of starting at week 4 because it just so happens we put in a garden and started some radishes! Radishes are yummy with a little salt by the way. But really, I knew that we needed to plant radishes because I had planned ahead!
Here are the beginnings of radishes:

Would you like to see the rest of said garden? Of course you would!
We have in the two corners roma tomatoes and pink brandywine heirloom tomatoes. Between the two is a marigold plant. Not my favorite, but they are said to discourage tomato eating bugs...

The next row from left to right, from lower to upper is a singular marigold, followed by the next row being 3 marigolds! (Isn't this exciting!?) The next row is cherry tomato, marigold and cilantro; final row: chives, basil, chives. The radishes were planted from seed in the other half of the box garden. There is a row of radishes, a row of green onions, a row of bush-snap green beans and along the edges are flat leaf parsley and curly parsley. Whew! I'm exhausted! (not really - it's a very small garden)

By the way, here is #1:

She is wonderful...

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