Friday, August 21, 2009

Big Bowl

No pictures, but let me say...the Chicken Pad Thai takes the cake every time!

(Not to mention Chicken Pot Stickers)

(Oh Yeah - and the Teriyaki Chicken Fried Rice)

(Oops - don't forget the leftover white rice from #2's bowl....I don't think I need to eat for a few weeks.....)

(And I better not forget to tell you about the Strawberry Ice Cream Pie my very talented sister-in-law served up after dinner...yeah, I had a piece...)

John's parents just celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary yesterday! So they took us out! Hey, I'm game...

They are special people and it's always wonderful to spend time sharing our little family with them...our girls are sooooo blessed to have such wonderful Grandparents!

In other news, #3 really likes her doggie cousins (sorry, again, no pictures) but not as much when they're at eye level. She'd rather be eye level with a camera....

Good Night and Good 'Luck'



  1. very clever!! "eye" must say, #3 is gorgeous...ok, not nearly as clever as yours!!

  2. Loved seeing #3 in all her photographic glory! You may not have any pictures, but at least MckMama took care of that for you. I will be emailing you soon! I want to get together.

  3. #3 is gorgeous!!! I'm hungry. lol.