Sunday, August 16, 2009

In Which I Convince Myself I Can Do It

(It = Homeschooling)

"It's O.K. to Be Smart!" (Does anyone else think that that statement is as funny as I do?)

I happen to think #1 is bright...and bold...and beautiful - as any parent should, right?
(Has anyone ever seen Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken? Right????)

This used to be my coat closet.....(I'm sorry, truly I am... Books are probably the least exciting thing to look at when you happen upon a blog... but this is the ugly truth...)

This pile of books rest on top of our family roll-top desk. One is a catelog. One is a binder for MACHE - Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators. (They keep on top of the MN Homeschool laws and information and then make it available to us in laymans terms. I've been to one of their conferences and the amount of info and support is beyond incredible. I'm excited to do the full conference this year with John!) The colorful binder is #1's 'back to school' gear that she helped pick out. (It helped her to feel more in control of her future. No, Really - it did)Spelling Power is a spelling curriculum from 8yrs to adult. The list goes on...and on...

I am excited! I have peace in my heart and am resolved in my mind. I'm nervous and thrilled and putting together a schedule that seems packed yet possible. But until September 14th, I'm going to do as much of this as I can:


#2 - with 'muscles'

#1, #3, #2




  1. Wild Hearts Can't be Broken is one of my all time favorites! I cry every time! I'm looking forward to hearing about your homeschooling experience. Too bad we're in different MOPS groups - maybe I'll have #3 in my MOPPETS room again though!

  2. Your blog is really cool! I like that way you share your family with us- and your sense of humor! :)
    Have a great day!!

  3. Looking good in the swimsuit pose Mama!!! I must say, the collection of books overwhelms me, so glad YOU are the one taking on the home-schooling:) #1 is so lucky to have a teacher like you!!

  4. Hi Aubrey! I found your blog through Jennifer's site. She's a real life friend of mine, too! Anyway, loved peeking at your site. We also home school. My oldest (daughter) just turned 7 and we're starting second grade. My son just turned 5 and we're starting Kindergarten. And then we've got a 3 year old (girl) and I'm due with #4 in about 10 days!! It's going to be VERY interesting the first couple weeks (months) of schooling this year. I am going to "TRY" to start on Monday the 24th to get a head start. We'll see how it goes! Good intentions ;)