Monday, August 17, 2009

By Request: My Garden

Ahhh Gerbera daisies...

Take your pick!

I can't remember the name of this one:
morning glory:

And again...

A pot full of chamomile and a basket of morning glory!

It's about to get really green around here.....

Tabouleh anyone?
I'll bring the parsley!

When you let cilantro go to seed, you get coriander!

I must confess that I'm getting impatient for a whole bushel of these puppies:

(come on you guys - soak up the sun!)

The Roma Tomatoes could use a little red as well...

I never knew that basil blooms:

One green bean...

Some green beans:

Last but NEVER least....the Pink Brandywine Heirloom tomatoes......

oooo yeah

I know that none of this really has much to do with homeschooling, but we will be planting more seeds in the early spring (radishes, corn, beans) so we'll consider this a very successful dry run!
See you round,


  1. Your garden looks beautiful! So much GOOD stuff ;) We really tried this year... I did yield a ton of tomatoes- but the rest of my veggies didn't fare as well :(

  2. Great pictures! I come to you from Mckmama's blog and I think I'll stick around.

  3. I like your pics too! I am also a home school mama! I like what I see ... I'll be back ! :o)

  4. Beautiful garden. My grape tomatoes look the same as yours - and so does my basil, oh yeah and so does my cilantro. Never knew it turns to coriander. How cool! I never use it quick even to keep it from blooming. See you later!